Bloomies and Chanel

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  1. Tomorrow Bloomies is having one of their sales where for every $100 you spend you get a kick back.. Chanel doesn't usually participate however they are going to for this. Patrick will be more than happy to assist with any orders,, they are out of stock of a lot however they do have the camera bag from the cruise line in the last i spoke to him. This event is for tomorrow. Bloomies 59th st. nyc.
  2. Do you know how much is the kick back?
  3. It is an EGC event, for 100 dollar spent, you get 15.00 gift card back.
    These gift cards have time limitation on them usually. Not sure whether there will be limitations to the specific departments in the store to spend it on or not.
  4. Yes there are time restraints on them, however I believe you can spend them in any department.
  5. yeah! bloomies CH is having the same event
    feel free to email James & tell him Lisa sent you... he's great
    (he'll take care of taxes too as long as u live outside MA)
  6. thanks for the lead. but bloomies doesn't have a good rate for international delivery am i right?
  7. ^yeah.... if i recall correctly, Bloomies Int'l shipping is a VERY costly expenditure :sad:
  8. I know their online return is not as easy as Nordstrom.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.