Bloomies 40% sale stuff- in store

  1. I didn't see this posted. This weekend is one of those times that Bloomies will take an extra 40% off their sale stuff.

    I have to drive an hour on monday to pick up to bags I did on preorder last nite :biggrin:.

    Happy Shopping!!

    At Short Hills I saw some IFs and Marc Jacobs
  2. i am so... angry... we dont have bloomies in here
  3. Any good deals on the bags? Which lines are on sale?

    I shouldn't be asking, I really shouldn't.
  4. I went to the 59 street bloomie today and they had chanel cambon pochettes in pink if anyone is looking for it.
  5. Every Bloomies? Even in CA? The nearest one to me is about an hour away, but I may have to drive myself down there.
  6. I was at Bloomies today, Melville Long Island, they had one GORGEOUS Chloe Silverado hobo in a blue/blue combo for $750!
    The only reason I passed on it was because I'm in the market for a b-bag now.
    It was GORGEOUS though.