Bloomies 20% off code 19-26 Oct

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  1. 20% off all catalogs (except Overstocks) and at Code is OCT20 and is valid the dates shown above. Promo code not valid on the following brands: Falchi, Coach, Juicy, Kate Spade, Lambertson Truex, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Moschino. Happy Shopping!
  2. by catalogs, which ones do u mean? thanks.
  3. My postcard says ALL catalogs except Overstocks Catalog.
  4. Thank you
  5. I thinks Sale20 will work on MJ and Juicy stuff.
  6. the sale20 code doesn't seem to work for MJ stuff.... anyone have any luck?
  7. MJ is excluded. I have the catalog and lists all the exclusions. Also excludes DVF, Juicy, Citizens, Sevens, Michael Kors, Theory, Michele watches...all of the designer sunnies (Gucci, Dior, etc.). I tried to scan the fine print and post it but having some problems.
  8. MJ excluded. Also, you are one day early... maybe try it again tomorrow?
  9. The sale20 seems active, it just says my items don't qualify for the discount. Otherwise, I think it would say the code was not active or something...
  10. I have the magic code :nuts:
    And it DOES work on MJ items on the website.


    Happy shopping. I'm broke so I can't even enjoy it... :crybaby:
  11. Thanks Prada!
  12. OMG!! Were there stams or quilted bowlers??? There aren't any now...
  13. what does treat2 give? 20% off? thanks!
  14. I haven't seen any stams or bowlers on for a LONG time.
  15. Yes!

    The only thing even remotely resembling a Stam was the Quilted Hobo. I've not looked since earlier today, but that was still available. There really weren't that many MJ bags to pick from when I looked. I guess the debacle two months ago taught Bloomies a lesson! ;)

    Oops, just looked! They have the Hobo Stam. :yes: