Bloomie presale starts 2/5/10 and going on

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  1. Please be kind to me for this is really new at posting new thread:

    I came to Bloomie at Tysons Corner today (Northern VA) and Bloomie has started its pre-sale for pick up on 2/10/2010

    There was a dollars amount of a certain purchase total, like up to $299, get $50 off, and from $300 to a certain amount, get $100 off

    Sale shoes have extra 50% off and I purchased total of $310, so I get another $100 off.
  2. So is the the buy more save more sale? If so, I'm so glad you posted this! Thank you!
  3. Thank you for posting!
  4. dmitchell15: yes, the amount of discount goes higher if the purchase amount is higher

    I happend to buy 4 pairs of shoes, including 3 boots (Juicy couture, via spiga, dolce vita) and 1 ballet flat from boutique 9 for total of $230
  5. thanks for the heads up
  6. thanks! Does anyone know if brand name jewelry is included (i.e. Yurman?) Thanks again for posting.
  7. Does anyone know if chloe bags are included?
  8. is this sale in every location? i just called the bloomies in SF, and the sales rep didn't know anything about it.
  9. hm...this almost sounds as good as last spring's sale.

    did the SA mention if they'll be doing it online?
  10. i cant wait...
  11. Is this in store only or Online as well ?
  12. Wow - sounds like an awesome sale! Definitely would like to hear more about what's included.
  13. Sounds amazing!
  14. agree what's included in here? chanel glasses?
  15. Does this sale only apply to those with a Bloomies card?