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  1. WARNING graphic photos, can be upsetting

    your opinions on
  2. :rolleyes: enticing name...
  3. that was so sad.
  4. haha i know. what kinda pup is that in ur avatar?? :love:
  5. That is not nice to see...
  6. that wasn't nice not to warn people. I added a warning, but in the future, please be respectful and warn people first.
  7. That was not nice to see.
  8. i dont want to look but someone want to give a gentle discription of what it is?
  9. people wearing Burberry posing w/ decomposing animals :sick:
  10. I am not sure what value that adds to this forum.
  11. omggg:yucky: thatt is crazy rele makes u think about buying burberry...
  12. Wow...I don't think I'll be buying burberry anymore... and I just recently bought a raccoon trimmed coat (Michael Kors, not burberry) and I'm wondering if it was tortured just so I could wear it :s
  13. That is just sad. It really makes me think about buying Burberry now..:sad:
  14. Peta always needs something to pick on- Anna Wintour. Benetton, J.Lo, etc. Unless you're Stella McCartney, you're on Peta's hitlist.
  15. Interesting photo's, It's actually quite fitting, people think they look ultra chic wearing these dead-tortured animals. Not a far cry from parading around with a dead carcass.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.