bloody stool

  1. how serious is seeing blood in your stool? would a sigmoidoscopy be enought, or should i get a colonoscopy?
  2. go see a gastro doc..thats not normal..U could have a GI bleed.Call yer doctor ASAP
  3. Is it on or in the stool?

    If it's on, it's probably something mechanical.

    If it's in, it's probably something um, "further up."

    Check with the doctor, and make sure to tell them that information.
  4. I agree that you should see a doctor right away. I'm partial to your primary care doctor because they coordinate your care and do long-term follow. I think bloody stool has something like over 200 causes, but I think the most common is a bleeding ulcer. In any case, esp if you have other symptoms, go see a doctor. They will probably do lab tests on sample to see if you have blood or not before the more invasive tests. Hope that helps.
  5. Here are some things to think about. Is it BRIGHT red blood or is it dark tar or coffee colored blood? There is a BIG difference between the two. Bright red blood means that it is fairly close to the anal opening, which can occur with vigorous bowl movements or with hemrhoids. If it is something that is occuring higher up in the bowels (like the colon or intestines) it will be dark and have a VERY distinct odor.

    If you have bright red blood, I would not worry that much at the moment, still see your primary care. If it is the dark thick tar like color, you should sincerely conisder going to an urgent care or ER if you cannot see your primary care ASAP. The dark tarry color blood usually is a sign of much more dangerous issues.
  6. Absolutely right!!

    I have a chronic stomach condition and my doctor told me this exact same thing.

    If it's bright red then don't worry....if it's dark then go straight to the doctor!!
  7. Thanks guys. Hearing you guys say that if it's bright red, it's not that serious. Mine are bright red, and i don't get any stomach aches or pain. I did find out that i have a hemorrhoid and he said I should worry too much about it
  8. Well, you could have a fissure, which is an open sore on the opening. If you were bleeding further up, there would be dark drier blood in your stool.

    But if you go see a doc, they can do tests. Hopefully it's not a parasite or something!
  9. Just to clarify. A fissure actually isn't an open's a tear in the lining of the anus (sorry that's so graphic!! lol).

    This can be caused by really hard stools, constipation etc. and usually heals on its own without any problems (unless you have chronic constipation and hard stools).
  10. It could be an ulcer, but it depends on the colour. Definitely go see a GI specialist, they may recommend a colonoscopy and laporoscopy.
  11. got rejected twice for a colonoscopy, but had a sigmodoscopy instead. a parasite, wouldn't be too bad right? it'll eat up all the food i eat and the calories will just go away. like the idea. or just joking around