Bloody heck, I'm really doomed!!

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  1. I found myself spending the past half an hour staring at BV's online catalogue. I'm VERY tempted to place a special order for a croc bag now, but that's going to set me back at least $17K or so. I kept telling myself that could've gotten me an ostrich H bag ... I need someone to discourage me from taking that plunge. But I REALLY want a croc ... I'm doomed ... This is like a drug ...
  2. Which one do you really want and what would you use it for? I guess that's the question you have to ask yourself. It's easy to get lost into staring at catalogues, obessing and collecting info, and in the end you don't really know why you want something so much!

    :shrugs: ;)
  3. Can you post a pic Kou?
  4. I've gotten sucked into their catalog pictures too! Love the croc!!! I'm afraid all I can do is say go for it!
  5. OMG....GO FOR IT!

    Am I supposed to discourage you??? :p But i really can't do it! It would look HOT~!!!
  6. Will you adopt me?
  7. Haha--maybe you can adopt several of us?!:graucho:

    I know what you mean about the catalogs--they're like crack. Open it up and I want a bag! After my first BV, there was no turning back; I fell in love with the leather, the subtlety of the designs, etc.:love:

    Let us know what you decide. How long does a special order take? That would be so great to have one.
  8. Yes, I was on the website today and falling in love with everything in sight. I think their designs are so refined but have a lot of character and a little bit of edge at the same time. I also love the outfit the model is wearing when you first get on the website. Sigh.
  9. Refined, with an edge, is a good description. I love the clothes, too. They go so well with the bags. :yes:
  10. Which would you rather have, the H bag or the BV?
    It isn't a small purchase, and it isn't one to take lightly.

    BV bags are amazing. So are H.
    Don't impulse shop! No regrets.
  11. I'm thinking the Montaigne in croc leather - shiny croc leather :yes: I really like the Montaigne style and the fact that in croc, the straps are NOT adjustable, which makes it 100% handheld
    I think I just have a penchant for bags that are East-West in shape and have a certain structured and dressy look to them. That and the croc colors that BV offers is different from Hermes, so I won't be repeating anything (well that and it's pretty much close to impossible to get a croc H bag these days) ...
  12. I can't seem to get the link to work. It's the bag that is on the first several pages of the BV Spring/Summer catalogue. It's just so ... gorgeous, and in croc it's definitely more structured than napa leather
  13. ssm, gingerfarm, boxermom, litigatrix: You guys are so funny!! Heck, I need someone to adopt ME~~ With the way I've been spending the past two months, I'm going to need to win the Lottery~ :sweatdrop:
  14. That's the problem, I can't believe i'm saying this but I can't decide between the two ... The thing with H is that you never know whether or not something is confirmed ... but with BV when they say they're going to make it, you KNOW they're going make it :yes: I do find the prices for BV to be a bit more palatable than H, for the price of a H ostrich I can get a BV croc, for the price of a regular leather H, I can get 3 regular leather BV ...
  15. Oooh, I know which one. It is gorgeous!!! Totally understated but not very BV-ish if you know what I mean ~ guess because it's not woven. Not that it should matter.

    $17k is really no small sum. Do consider wisely, you know yourself best. Mull over for while, you still have time. Good luck and let us know your decision. :smile: