Blood in the Snow...

  1. These got delivered to my office from Las Vegas today. Okay, they've made up for past mistakes... I'm so excited, I'm bout to have a heart attack.

    My pics were NOT good today, maybe it's because the two colors are so different, very hard to get together, anyway, here these gorgeous babies are!!!
    Post open Perle & Pomme.jpg Post blood & Snow.jpg Post Buster Perle & Pomme 006.jpg
  2. 2 agendas? wow! they're gorgeous!
  3. Congrats!
  4. love them both!! congrats!! how often do you switch agendas? I have two and am thinking about getting another one :biggrin:
    I wish I had the guts to get a Perle accesory. I'm too worried about transfer, but it's sooo beautiful!
  6. Well, the perle was a replacement for one that broke... and then when I got when SA called me about sending me a new perle instead of repairing it, I just found myself ordering the pomme... that's what happens... I need to just stay off the phone with any and all LV people... haha
  7. Veronika- your pig is so cute- I love him..just made me smile looking at Louis.
    Your agenda's are nice to.. but Louis:tender:
  8. Both colors are beautiful. Congrats!
  9. I really love them! How are you going to use both of them?
  10. They're lovely!! Congrats!
  11. C'mon, you MUST have the guts... I haven't had any problems with my perle, I've got bedford, agenda and cles.. color transfer isn't the end of the world. I don't have any, I'm careful, but I USE them, cause that's what they're for...:graucho:
  12. I'm ambidextrous. So, one's for my left hand, and one's for my right, I can also multitask really well...:p
  13. Ugh!! The LAST thing I need is another agenda, but that red one is just calling my name!!! :graucho: Congrats on the beautiful agendas!!!
  14. Oh those agendas are hot! I need something in the pomme color asap! lol! I love your pig!
  15. Every couple of weekns anotherempty... cause I don't want to trash one... also, I need a color change when my mood changes, ya know???:rolleyes: