Blood & Diamonds..Will it affect what you buy??

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Hmmmm.. will I or won't I?? Multiple choice!

  1. I will NEVER buy another diamond as long as I live!

  2. I will NEVER let my SO/BF see this movie EVER!

  3. I know times have changed and diamond mining with them.

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  1. As a jeweler I am curious to know if you are going to be affected by what you see in this movie. Alot of hype about how diamonds are mined are just not true any longer. They may have been that way but now it's totally different. Do you think you will never buy a diamond again?? Or will you never let your boyfriend/SO see this movie because it might affect him and what he buys for you. Just curious :yes:
  2. I would like to see the movie..and of course I would let my husband see the movie too lol As far as buying diamonds go, can you not simply get a certificate stating that it is not a 'blood diamond'?
  3. Well, I vowed to only purchase conflict-free diamonds a long time ago (not that I buy diamonds on a regular basis!) and have already told my boyfriend that if he ever plans to buy me jewelry, he needs to select certified conflict free stones. There's a jewelry store here that will only sell diamonds from Canada for that reason, so there are plenty of options.
  4. I have not seen the movie, but I am aware of the situation that inspired it. Nor am I big on gemstones, nor do I have any money, but if I were both interested in gemstones and rich, yes, the state of the industry would be a factor in my choices, and I would most likely just hire artists to carve glass into fabulous bling for me.
  5. I'm planning on seeing the movie.

    I am also aware of the situation. Thanks to Kanye West's Diamonds of Sierra Leone. It's a very powerful video. There's a difference between listening to the lyrics and actually watching the video.

    YouTube - Kanye West - Diamonds (From Sierra Leone) [BoSaNcErOs]

    I think, if I can ever afford to buy diamonds, I'll just make sure they don't come out of Africa.
  6. i know about this..... way long before this movie is ever advertised (thanks to my hippy friends) and yes.... i stopped buying conflict diaomonds (only buy canadian diamonds). my husband and i will see the movie. my husband understands completely where i stand about this matter.
  7. i just saw this movie tonight and it was very political and depicted a horrific war.... i feel very sad for all these victims but this (war and death) will continue to happen despite anything... if not diamond, it'll be something else... what made me the saddest was the children soldiers... :crybaby: it's a pretty good movie if you are into warfare, politics, and human stories... :idea:
  8. A few months ago there was an article in the New Yorker about the gem world and Madagascar. It was really interesting and well written. Did any one else read this?
  9. I also already knew about the situation and when my husband bought my e-ring (many years ago) it was a conflict free diamond.

    I'm very interested in seeing the movie too, but it won't change my mind, because it was already changed! :smile:
  10. Agreed, I have not seen the movie yet, but am very aware of the ring will always be a conflict free diamond.
  11. my husband is from ghana and he has seen firsthand people from neighboring countries who were victimized because of the diamond industry. also, the mining of diamonds in south africa both pre and post apartheid is sickening. i want to see this movie so bad and show it to all my friends who love the bling. it is such an important issue. i like shiny pretty things as much as the next girl, but not enough to support bloodshed and slavery. if i ever get a diamond, conflict free is definitely the only option.

    all that death for a shiny rock :cry:
  12. Haven't seen the movie, so I don't have an opinion right now...DH just bought me a awesome platinum channel setting diamond ring for Xmas....hmmm, do I feel guilty - I don't know? Will have to learn more about the movie before I can make an educated decision.
  13. I haven't seen the movie yet. I'm curious to see it though. So I'll come back here to this post - and send my poll response.
  14. I left Sierra Leone before the war and visited after the war and seeing the state the country was in sickened me. I could not walk one block without seeing a woman, man, or child that had one or more limbs chopped off due to the war. Soldiers (including the child soldiers) would go up to pregnant women and either split the stomach right open or cut of their arms so that they wouldn't be able to hold their babies. Very disgusting!:crybaby: My father and many of my family members were stuck there and thank God none of them were tortured. My uncle died of a heart attack when the rebels attacked his house and tried to burn it to the ground. He was in his 70s at the time.

    I went to some refugee camps where there were tiny children who were orphaned. A majority of them were missing limbs, or ears etc. Its extremely sad. I brought back a video tape that showed how the country was during the war. Bodies everywhere!! The morgue was overflowing so bodies were left outside and street dogs and birds (ravens I think) were feeding on some of them.

    Sierra Leone and many other African countries are so exploited:hysteric: . Many African countries are rich in minerals so many foreigners try to exploit that fact. The people that live in the mining district are usually illiterate so when they are offered $100 for a HUGE diamond, they think they've hit the jack pot.

    Botswana has really set an example. They do not allow foreigners into their diamond district. Their government strictly enforces that. That is why they are able to offer free health care, education, and many subsidies to ALL their residents. Other African nations should take note.
  15. Thank you for making the video. Please show it to as many people as you can.

    If there are any right words, I don't know them. Yes, I will keep you, and your family, all the families, in my prayers, and yes, I wish I could hug you.

    Thank you again for helping to educate people. The need is great.