1. I actually really started liking the blondie lately. How much are they and when did they come out?
  2. I believe they came out in 2004.
  3. i can tell you all you wanna know about blondies :yes: ...a real one will cost you about $1K & they're really hard to find...your best bet is e-bay, but you've gotta be careful...99% of them on there are fakes :sad:
  4. im looking for a blondie too!!! where can i get one which is 100% authentic?
  5. princessj, as bama-girl stated, your best bet is ebay. although there are always fakes listed, an authentic one does pop up once in awhile, just not that often. you can always check its authentication with the gals here first (aaallabama has a keen eye for these things). hope this helps....
  6. Does the blondie come in black?
  7. yeppers, the gucci blondie bowler, hobo & tote come in black, white & green :tender:...the hobo & tote also come in a gorgeous purple color ;)...and i think some of the blondies also come in red & orange (?) :shrugs:...below are pictures of 2 of my gucci babies :love:
    DSCF2073 rev.jpg GUCCI GREENIE 9.jpg
  8. nice love the black bowler? How much are they? Are they still availble? Do you get a lot of use out of it and compliments? Thanks ohh the green is sweet but, I just bought the green large gucci wave boston.
  9. awe, thanks guccci gal, i love my black bowler too :love:...i haven't used her too much yet, because she's my special baby...but i took her out with my friend Booh & got some nice compliments (especially @ the gucci store :P)...anywho, a real one will probably cost you about $1K, since they still sell for close to original retail value :girlsigh:
  10. aaallabama, your black boston is TDF!!! :nuts:

    I hope you don't mind me asking, but does the underside of the zippers on your blondies have "Gucci" or "Lampo" on them?

    I've seen a couple seemingly authentic blondie bostons on eBay, but everytime I ask the sellers about the zippers, they all say "Gucci". This really confuses me because I own a blondie messenger that I know is authentic, but it features "Lampo" on the underside of the zippers! *scratch head*

    Perhaps they just came from different seasons? Anyway, thanks so much for your help in advance! :flowers:
  11. My zipper's say gucci and I just got mine replaced at gucci this past week.
  12. Here is an old pic of the multicolor yellow, orange etc. Blondie from my archives from Neimans site I think

  13. aaallabama your blondies are GORGEOUS!!:nuts: :heart: :love:
  14. wow! they look great! LOVE
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