Blondie Small Hobo

  1. This just came in today -- a small Blondie hobo. At first I was surprised by the small size, but then I thought it would be nice for evenings. What do ya'll think?
    photos 089.jpg photos 092.jpg photos 095.jpg
  2. Can you post more pics w/ you wearing it? I can sort of tell that it's small but can't exactly picture how small it is.
  3. Here's a photo. Already in PJs, but we're among friends . . .

    Also, here's a link to the serial no. on the Gucci site with dimensions:

    photos 096.jpg
  4. I like it! I love the hardware.. If you can fit all your night time necessities, keep it.
  5. Yes, it's a gorgeous evening bag... lovely!
  6. Oooo, I love it!
  7. I prefer the larger blondies.
  8. wow, this is the cutest blondie bag i've ever seen, congrats Ronda!!! :wlae:
  9. Aw, thanks aaallabama. You're the best! Now I want a white bowler or tote with the Gucci web.
  10. Aww.. it's so tiny and cute, congrats ! :yes:
  11. that is cute!!
  12. Ive always been on the fence about this particular style, the huge gg's on the small bag looks weird. But I dont like small bags either, so....
  13. so Ronda, it was you!!!! :boxing:if you know what I mean!:P Congratulations! are right on the size, I had the purple one and I sold it a long time ago. It was too small for me.:nuts:
  14. ^I'm pretty sure she resold it.
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