Blondie/More markdowns

  1. I went to Gucci today the new "Blondie's" are arriving. I saw a beautiful chocolate brown tote/shoulder bag with red/green underneath the gold GG. They also have the Blondie boots TDF. My friend saw a beautiful Blondie in New York last weekend. I also hear that an additional mark down on all the left over sale items will happen at the end of the month. Oh and I saw this bag in the smaller verison and it's so cute.

    [​IMG]:biggrin: :biggrin:
  2. Cool, thanks for the Blondie info! D

    Do you remember how much that bag was on sale for?
  3. That bag isn't on sale. It's 1190. The bigger one I think is 13-something. But this bag is really cute.

  4. i tried the seconf bag in the picture on saturday and it is gorgeous in the brown leather with the brown leather fit really nicely on the shoulder
  5. That is a gorgeous bag, more so than I had thought just from seeing it online, I saw it on a woman in the grocery store, it's really large and the braiding is amazing!
  6. say, gals, after checking out this bag some more, janice & i think it's a fake :sad:...this seller has 2 up for auction right now & sold another one over the last few weeks...we don't think gucci ever did this bag with a pink lining :hrmm:'s looking more & more suspicious by the minute!!!
  7. Hmmmmm, suspicious! Thanks for letting me know. I didn't even see the second one!
  8. you're welcome chanelchick, just trying to keep you girls safe from all the mysterious fucci's out there :p
  9. I'm glad you said something, I had that on watch on my ebay. :yes:
  10. Went to SAKS to check out new Britt of Gucci...No bowling style available yet. But quite a few bags catch my eye...Leather wise is very soft,buttery..I like the one which is in the fall/winter gucci collection, the one is more rectangular with one short hand handle and a longer should strap and have few zippy pockets in the front.Very cool...
  11. Went To The Gucci Store Here In Az And No Additional Markdowns! Ughhhh!