Blondie Crazy

  1. This weekend I bought Blondies and sold Blondies. I've gone Blondie crazy!

    I bought the flap bags and sold the small hobos. I hated to part with the hobos because they are in lovely condition but they were too small for me. Plus, I have spent too much so I had to recoup a bit!
    04_12.JPG b6_1.JPG photos 092.jpg photos 112.jpg
  2. the white one is AWESOME!!
  3. I saw those auctions. Congratulations! I definitely like your new ones better...that white one was too die for if only it was bigger.
  4. The white one sold right away, and then the same buyer came back later in the day and bought the black one too. They are both really nice, but they aren't practical for me.
  5. How come I always miss those kind of auctions!:crybaby:
  6. Love the black one...I want one like that...where did you get it? Are there more out there? How roomy is it? Is it considered a medium hobo style...hope Gucci brings that one it.
  7. I bought the black one on EBay. It really was like new, and I never carried it. It's 9 inches wide by 7 inches high. I know that wouldn't bother some people, but I just couldn't get my things in there. I debated keeping it for evening use, but decided to offset some of my recent prolific spending by selling a few.
  8. Is is gorgeous and it looks mid size to it...
  9. You have a beautiful collection! It's TDF... Every gal's gotta have at least one.. or five. =)
  10. Oh my god!! the red one is HOT!!!!!!!!
  11. wow, i love the first one! :love:
  12. You got the red one! It is a beautiful bag!
  13. Yes, I saw your alert and jumped on it! Thanks, emald!