Blondie Bowler! Bids at $750

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  1. The auction was ended early by the seller...wonder what happened...

  2. They probably realized they could get so much more for it. Too bad.:crybaby:
  3. That or somebody made a nice offer outside of eBay to avoid fees!
  4. ^^ Probably..
    Whoever got it is very lucky!! I hope it's a tPFer :graucho:
  5. actually gals, i wouldn't be sorry if you missed this one ;)...the seller wasn't being truthful about the condition & it looked like it had been around the block 1 too many times :P...honestly, i wouldn't have paid a penny over the starting bid for it & am amazed if she got more for it :girlsigh:
  6. ^^ I hope nobody got it then! Hopefully she ended it to revise the listing accordingly...

  7. are the fees that high when you sell something on eBay?
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