Blondie ALERT !!!

  1. lol, Im the total opposite. I wouldnt get a bag like that UNLESS it was a beautiful color. But if you want the black one (with the gucci stripe), Id wait till that comes along.
  2. I think the green is a great color, but it would not get very much use. But if you really want it...I say go for it!!

  3. I second that. BTW, I already posted the link on my "Blondie Alert" thread. Good Luck!
  4. i like the black one, it it real??
  5. I liked that green one! too bad I missed it.. the price was good!
  6. yes
  7. ^when was the last time you carried your green one??

  8. I barely use it; I think I last carried it last Fall sometime
  9. the bag is beautiful, but i don't see myself using it often..i totally agree that it probably won't be used as much