Blondie Alert!!!!! Who wants it?

  1. WOW!!!! how pretty.. I like it in white!!
  2. gorgeous bag, thanks for posting! :flowers:

    it's gone, maybe a PFer got it? :graucho:
  3. That was a good price, I hope a Pfer got it!
  4. Wow, whoever got that hobo got a great deal!
  5. i need one of those beauties :sad:
  6. I have an alert set up on eBay for Gucci bags and it emails me a list of new postings everyday
  7. oh the white one is gorgeous! too bad I just saw this thread now :sad:
  8. ^That's exactly what I don't do, to avoid the temptation!! LOL... Thanks for keeping us posted. The green hobo seems authentic, here's the original Gucci description: