- New Customer Discount '25% Off'

  1. I have been communicating with Mischelle at Blondette about price matching and promotional codes. She is an incredibly nice lady who has agreed to a 25% new customer discount which will apply to both regular and sale priced merchandise. I just purchased the Erotokritos Big Basquet in black patent for a mere $255!!!:tup: With her permission, I am posting her email to me which explains how to go about obtaining the discount! Happy shopping ladies!:yahoo:
  2. thanks for the info! I see some things there that I like.
  3. Thanks! :okay:
  4. mischelle is amazing, and they always have GREAT sales! congrats on your erotokritos bag, i loved the red patent one.
  5. Hi Grechen....I can't wait to get my new erotokritos bag! Had the red or blue one been available, I would have jumped on either. Isn't Mischelle wonderful? Is isn't often you find a boutique owner that is so down-to-earth and customer-oriented. She reminded me of Hilde Gadino whom I corresponded with over the summer. I asked Mischelle if she would consider carrying Gadino handbags...they really nice. Oh, BTW...after reading your review of the Posse NYC handbags, I recently bought three from FengJunk at unbelievably low prices. For some time I had been lusting over the Carolina, but after reading your review and seeing the pics, I knew I had to have at least one!! Thanks again!:tup:
  6. I just wanted to correct myself on the misquote above of Hilde's surname. Rather than Gadino, it's Palladino. Guess I have Gadino on the brain!! Oh, how I would love to own her pink's a TDF bag if I ever saw one!!
  7. Once again bagachondriac, THANKS!
  8. oh, yay for your carolina bags! i still love mine so much, the leather gets yummier and yummier, and the color is so unique. i absolutely LOVE the new two-toned ones. i only wish it was a little more structured on the bottom sometimes, I've thought about inserting some thin cardboard or something lol...
  9. You are welcome ..also paintednightsky and VPS...I love it when everyone can benefit from a great deal!! I am so grateful to Mischelle for offering this discount to everyone and for allowing me to post it as well. She spoke of trying to get some 'new' designer brands for her shop that not everyone carries. Any ideas? I mentioned several that I'd like to see her carry, but I'm certain there are many!! I want them all!!! HEHE!
  10. I bought two of the same (one for my sister) and I bought the Juliana bag. Would you believe that I haven't taken them out of the box yet? I've been too busy in that I've had company in. My sister had no idea that I was ordering the bag for her and doesn't want it, so now I have two!! HAHA! I will have to look at it to see what you're saying about putting the cardboard in the bottom. I will probably agree. It reminds me somewhat of my Rebecca Minkoff MA bag. I love the bag, but it's a little awkward based on it beeing so deep. The bottom probably does need a little more structure.....of course, that's just my opinion.