1. Has anyone seen this color IRL? It looks Yumbo :drool:in the catalog (online).
  2. raises hand!! :nuts: i did!!
    i saw the Large Veneta in Blonde + a few accessories i recall a seeing a wallet and a few other accessories..
    it was the most beautiful shade of white ever! i held it against the bright white color (the other white they had).. and God it just took my breath away!!
    its such a soft white!! its like u got a bowl filled with whipped cream and then put one tiny drop of caramel and mix it!! just a hint that softens the spark of a bright white!

    i speacially went crazy when i saw the wallet and (i think a make up bag) that day.. the small goods were just wow in that color!

    unfortunatley although i am like NUTS when it comes to whites.. i love any white!! but i didnt get anything in that color.. since i was v.afraid it would get dirty easily..:crybaby:
  3. :nuts:You had me a at "caramel & whipped cream" OMG!!!! I must go see it. Thanks for the tasty :drool:description!
  4. your v.welcome sweetie.. what are u thinking? :graucho: bag.. accessory.. :nuts:
  5. I've also seen blonde in person and I would totally agree with vanilla_addict's description of "whipped cream with a tiny drop of caramel." It is gorgeous, but I am way too paranoid to carry a bag that light.
  6. Waves hand, I have seen it and it is one of the most beautiful light colors I have ever seen.
  7. Since I am a BV Newbie; still contemplating first bag purchase, campana, or veneta, or campana, or veneta :confused1:. I think I will go for a classic color (ebano, perhaps) for the bag. But for the accessories blonde sounds PERFECTO! Thoughts???
  8. oh ya!! girlz lets welcome a new addict here!! :yahoo: welcome dearest!! and i hope u enjoy the ride with us :biggrin:
    both styles are lovely!! in my personal humble openion: a veneta as a pilot BV would be amazing! u will love it to pieces!! hands down its the classic BV!! i had the exact same debate dear with the color.. i am too a new addict here.. and i was debating between black, ebano VS current season colors..
    and what made me decide at the end to get a corallo veneta.. is that seasonal colors wont be around us for ever! while nero and ebano u can always find easily.. so why not grab a piece of this season's wow colors while they are around!
    but at the end of the day.. i see all BV colors special and lovely to tell u the truth << not helping at all am i!! loool

    as for blonde accessories.. i was debating between blonde and corallo wallet.. i figured if i will use such an item daily.. then i better go for a darker color of the two! but choice wise i would have chosen blonde for accessories without any doubt! it was TDF!! :heart:
  9. Welcome H-Less! :flowers:

    Just a word of caution here...once you get started on a BV it's hard to stop! I'm relatively new to BV as well and everyday I think I know what I'm gonna get next, but every time I look here I end up with a longer list.:p

    Yup, I saw a Montaigne in blonde yesterday and I must say it is a very nice colour...very delicate though, IMO.

    Whatever you get, I am sure there'll be more to come...cheers!:drinkup:
  10. V_A, I love your description of Blonde! I haven't seen it in person, not on purpose, anyway! But I've seen pics of that exquisite Blonde Origami Knot Clutch in the catalog! It's really something else...
  11. Me too! I :heart: blonde, but I'm too scared to get something for myself - seeing how I'm terrible at keeping light coloured things clean! :shame:

    But welcome to the club, H-Less! I must warn you - the ladies and gentlemen here are quite the enablers. Hold on tight to that CC! :graucho:
  12. thank u sweetie :kiss:
    someone get something in that color!! we are dying here!! :smash:
  13. ok so I finally saw it in person. And while it's stunning; it's completely unusable for me. I would trash it in a day. But it sure was pretty:girlsigh:
  14. I've seen it also and I love it. IMO it doesn't do well with a bright white, but with other colors, it's fine. I'm such a stain magnet, it would be a bad choice for me.

    Welcome to the BV subforum!