blonde vs. brunette

  1. Hi everyone -
    I'm posting this because I am trying to get honest opinions, and even though no one in real life would tell me the truth, I am hoping a bunch of people who don't know me will. I used to have dyed blonde hair, I started out as a light brunette but over the years m y roots have gottendarker and darker as my hair changed. So today I got it dyed dark brown. I can't decide which I like bettter, and I want help on what I should do before I start school again in the fall. Opinions, please be honest, I won't be offended by anything!
    DSC01542.JPG DSC01565.JPG Photo 4.jpg
  2. I like your hair lighter. It really compliments your skin tone. If you want a change you can go a few shades darker and still be in the blonde family.
  3. You really do look beautiful with either hair color but I do think blonde suits you better from what I can tell from your photos...HTH! :smile:
  4. I also think the blonde suits you best and looks best with your skin tone.
  5. I like the brunette! I was a blonde for years but you know EVERYONE'S blonde these days---so boring! You can always put some highlights in if you think the brunette is too severe.
  6. I think you look really good with dark hair.
  7. I like the blonde. If you are looking for a change, why not go with blonde hightlights - much easier to maintain (i.e. you can be a little more flexible in when you get your hair done because the roots are not as obvious as they would be with all over blonde).
  8. I like the blonde a bit more on you. Personally, I like to change my hair color and I've been blonde (my current choice), brunette, and red. I like being blonde during the summer months and tend to go darker during the fall/winter. I always thought that I would be taken more seriously with darker hair, but I'm not sure that's really true. Overall, if one color/style makes you feel more confident, then that's the one that will ultimately suit you the best.
  9. Yup, the blonde is really pretty.
  10. i actually like the blonde better bcuz your skin tone is fair and the darker hair makes you look lighter. but the only bad thing with blonde hair is that you are going to have to keep getting your roots done and that can get expensive. but if you have the money to pay for it then i say go with the blonde.
  11. i love the brunnette you look really good with it...not that you didnt with the blonde just like the brown more
  12. I like the blonde on you better. :yes:
  13. Blonde!!
  14. I like the blonde better!
  15. RED! Oh, wait, that was not a choice. I like the blond on you.