Blonde Moment

  1. I just had a great blonde moment and felt the need to share:

    I was reading in another thread about the Japan site and figured I'd check it out since I've seen it mentioned a few times here. I clicked on the link to it and was completely shocked that (amazingly enough) it was in Japanese. :shame:


    Even worse, I know some Japanese from taking 3 semesters in college.

    And to make this a less pointless thread, what kind of differences are there between what's available here and there? I saw that people were hoping for some things to come to the US. Is that pretty common? Or are only select items originally offered in Japan offered in the US?
  2. They have some things that we will never see here in the States/Canada. Some stuff will come here, but we have to wait for it. If you are lucky, you can find something on the Japan site and call JAX or your favorite Coach store and they can get it for you. Sometimes you can't. For example, I absolutely adore this purse, in this color combo, but when I checked at one of the stores in my area, I couldn't get it here. Style # 11593