Blonde Madore--OMG!!! OM freakin' G!

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  1. OK...I got the bags today..I RISKED MY LIFE taking pics of this!!! I will post better pics when I have more time..DH is in the next room and I am SUPPOSED to be doing paperwork lol!!! hehehe!! I didn't post pics of the tote yet as vtachgyrl has already done so...I'll get to that whe it's SAFER lol!!! Please excuse my jammies, dirty mirror and crappy pics...but I couldn't make you wait!!!

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  2. BTW I am sending this back and getting it in the smaller size from Prada Hawaii...I also called NM to see if I could get the sale price on the tote which I AMAZINGLY keep missing as I must refresh that d*mn page 4 billion times a day...She said she'd talk to the manager and call me keep your fingers crossed!!! If I can get the sale price I will keep her..otherwise I'll get that & the smaller blonde madore from Hawaii...Remember I the black one is on it's way to me as we speak!! ( the smaller version of the bag I posted) yeah I'll have two of the same bag in the same color but MAN this color is a MUST have!!! the pics don't even pick up how gorgy..Can't wait to see it in daylight!!!!!!!
  3. Wow..that is really pretty. I was just going to comment on how big it looked and saw that this must be the bigger one. So it is TOO BIG for you?
  4. I am really loving those pleats on these Pradas, they are nice and soft looking..
  5. Soooooo pretty! Congratulations!
  6. that bag looks so soft hope u get the sale price tooo:P

    keep us posted..:yes:
  7. OMG OMG OMG Emmy this color is a keeper! I don't care what style you get it in, but you MUST make sure you get/keep one blond mordore. Aaaah I am so jealous!!! I really need a money tree like it's no one's business... I WANT a blond mordore, the pitone bag Longchamp has, and the navy GST, and the light gold reissue, and if I'm blessed enough then a red lambskin flap with GHW. And that, ladies, is just the top of my list!!!
  8. Oh love that bag, Emmy--are you sure you think it's too big? That size looks good on you--but I don't like small bags.

    Oh Marose I want the navy Jumbo, got the red w/ SHW.
  9. Yeah she's going back..I'm keeping the black tote that vtachgyrl girl has if I can get it at the sale price...I want a neutral bag for summer..I'm torn if I should keep this size or get it in the smaller size....ugh...decisions decisions...!!!
  10. Oh Emmy... I can't wait for NM to call back. Keep us posted. I'm on tenterhooks for you.

    Can you get your Prada SA to send you some side by side pics of the two blond mordores? Although, since you're more comfortable with the smaller one, I'm thinking you should go that way.

    Oh and what about daytime pics of the new bag before you return it?:graucho:
  11. The color of this bag is TDF!!! I like the size and leather too!! YUM!! but hope you will get the one you really like!! Congrats!!!
  12. I'll take more pics when I get home today..still haven't heard about the tote bag..grrrrr....not happy w/ that!
  13. Emmy, that color is amazing. Congratulations!:woohoo:
  14. OK..more pics for you!!!

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  15. ...more...

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