Blonde color - am I being too picky? check my pics

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  1. I was just wondering if you ladies thought this was a natural imperfection on the leather or a damage. to me, it stands out - but I could be too picky sometimes with my bags.

    I wanted your opinions on the bow where it's darkened. thanks!

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  2. That's brand new, right? It stands out to me. It looks like damage b/c the rest of the bag is not like that. It looks rough too in that area.
  3. If I used that bag a year or so and it developed that, then I could accept it but for a brand new bag, I wouldn't want that imperfection, even though Kooba would never claim it as that.
  4. It looks like it could be a tiny stain or smudge, but it's really small. I don't think any casual observer would notice it at all. To me, it would be worth returning only if the store is nearby and they have a totally perfect one there.
  5. I'm pretty picky too. I think it would bother me that it's right on the bow - the focal point. Most people as Kimberf said won't notice it, but if it bothers you... I think you should return it.

    Sorry you're feeling ill... I'm sure this does not help!
  6. I bought it off of ebay a little while ago. The seller knows I want a better one. She said she'd exchange it but that they "all have their imperfections" and that I probably wouldn't be happy with the Blonde color in general.
    She lives near me so I'm hoping for a new one although maybe they all have some sought of imperfection on them.
    I haven't seen any in th stores so I have nothing to compare it to
  7. I love the Blonde, but that is definitely a dirty smudge...if there is no chance of getting a better one, you might be quite lucky cleaning it off..worth a try..
  8. my 07 blond bonnie has many a mark like that. eek with the light leather. although from what i've heard the leather from one blond to the next has changed... so i dunno! sorry! good luck!

    PS looks like the same leather to me!
  9. If I bought your bag brand new, I wouldn't accept the mark on the leather ribbon. It stands out. Maybe if it had been elsewhere on the bag I might have let it go, but not when it's on the most visible part of the bag. If you can get a better replacement, I think it's worth taking the risk of swapping, but make sure the seller checks it over for you before shipping, unless you can see it in real life, which would be even better. Kudos to the seller for working with you on this issue.
  10. Yeah, I have to agree with the others. It would bother me. HOwever, did you pay full price for it? I could live with it if I didn't pay full retail. I might take it to a leather person and see if they could do something with it.
  11. I paid $409 for it on ebay
  12. This is how these bags are- I am selling a blonde elisha now and mine has similar markings. I don't think this is even an imperfection but rather purposeful characteristics. Here is the link to mine, look at the 3rd pic and you can see slight variations of color down the bow. In person these marking look nice on the bag and give it depth and character. My markings are more even though so I'm guessing that by having the one smaller marking it looks more like a mistake than part of the bag design.

    I wouldn't fret!! I think the blonde Elisha's are lovely and this leather is different than the last blonde elisha imo. Sturdier leather with a little more glossy shine in some areas.

    I hope you choose to keep yours! I have seen many of the Blonde Elishas and every single one has slight color variations. I don't want to confuse these color variations with the horrible dark spots that have appeared on the Red & Blue Elishas though. This is not what that is.. I think these markings are intended!!
  13. ^ Actually as I perused through many of the Blonde Kooba Elisha auctions I'm seeing this! Wow! In some of the auctions, the bags have REALLY distressed looks to them. Even worse then mine! Hmmmm...maybe they all have "something" about them. Thanks for your responses!
  14. So you think this seasons leather is better than the previous season? It is definitely glossy...which might make stains rub away with ease...but I noticed the Weight of the bag is much lighter overall.

    I can't believe my favorite companies are not putting suede lining in their bags anymore but are charging the same (if not more!) money!
    That was my biggest pet peeve
  15. I have last season's elisha and I had no variations with the leather.
    The second pic is the bag now and it has variations on the handles only, from the oil of my hands I guess...
    Also my bag is matte as opposed to glossy, I actually prefer that..although some like the glossy better.