blond VS. brunnette

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  1. Hey guys, my natural hair color is ash brown and i :heart: going blond for the warm months ...

    here are 2 pics of me .. blond and brunnette .. what do you guys think? .. should i go blond or stay brunnette and maybe get like bangs. . lol



  2. This is hard to choose, from your pictures, you loook great with both. >_<
    I'll say go for side-sweep fringes instead. I think I'll still wanna see you in brunette slightly more than blonde.
  3. it's hard to tell but from what i can see i think they both look great on you
  4. thanx guys
  5. You can easily pull off both colors. But then again I am truely biased (am a brunette) and say stick with being a brunette.;)
  6. Its hard to tell without seeing yours eyes and complexion better. You wear both colors very well though and have very shiney hair. I think I like the style better and it looks shinier surprisingly with the blonde. I say blonde but with a bit less gold.
    BTY, I'm actually in the same dilemma deciding between brown and blonde (I'm currently blonde). The difference is that I have naturally curly hair and usually go darker in the summer so that it doesn't look as frizzy since I always wear it straight.
  7. brunette, looks better
  8. ^

    so just highlights without the base color?
  9. I think that blond suits you better.
  10. They will have to lighten the base some since its pretty dark. But maybe to a dark natural blonde base with hilites instead of med-lt golden blonde base.
  11. Its hard to say without seeing your face ;)
  12. kk i gotta show the face lol =\



  13. more blonde:

    more brunnette:

  14. I really think you look great both ways. I prefer the darker blonde picture posted (the second picture you posted), you look best there IMO. I don't like the really light blonde color as much, it makes you look a little older. Seriously, you can't go wrong with either color, you're pretty both ways.
  15. THANKSS kittenslingerie!!