Bloke needs help for surprise present. Please !!

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  1. Ok I think I have made a mistake. I have been searching for a handbag for my wife as a surprise birthday present and I came across Bottega Veneta. Not knowing any better and certainly not thinking things through properly, I ordered a canvas bag from Net a Porter which was heavily reduced in their sale (60%). A picture of the canvas bag is attached below.

    I have now discovered to my dismay that BV's speciality is woven leather. I am not going to return the canvas bag, but have decided to also buy a leather one in addition and give her two presents. I wanted to ask you ladies, if you were to get only one BV leather bag, which one would you go for? And which colour (not black)?

    My tastes are quite sad so thanks for your help.
  2. Your tastes are very good if you know enough to get a BV!

    The Veneta is the most famous bag. If she's smaller than average, the medium would be ok; if she's average or taller, the large (not the new huge one) would be a great size. I would get one of the browns--Ebano (dark brown) or Noce (chestnut).

    Best wishes.
  3. I am sure the canvas BV will be appreciated! I think ebano is a divine color, very rich in tone and would be a great in a Veneta bag.
    Good luck, let us know what you end up with.
  4. Ebano (dark chocolate, my preference) or noce (a little darker than camel) Veneta. These are "icon" bags and any woman would be delighted to have one!
  5. Ok thanks ladies - I have been checking out the Veneta on the BV website and it looks very nice. Are Ebano and Noce classic colours? What about Camel - that looks fantastic to me - casual yet still shows off the weave.

    Also, what do you think of the canvas bag - was it a good buy for £200 (circa $400) ?
  6. Yes, ebano, noce and nero are all classic. Camel is seasonal (Fall '07) and, I agree, beautiful. Personally, I don't know anything about canvas BV, someone else could help you there.
  7. I would go with an ebano veneta or small campana :heart: For the veneta, if she's taller than 5'4, I would say go with the large especially if she likes bigger bags. I'm 5'4 and I have the large. If she likes smaller bags or is petite, I would go with the medium.
  8. The camel is new and I think could go all year round. I have one of the canvas bags and they retail around $700 so I think you got a good deal. Its so nice to see a husband give this much thought to getting his wife a gift she will love. I'm sure Net a porter would take the return if its not too old, but you need to leave the tags on. Also check with BV to see what their return policy is, just in case.
  9. SKP, I think the canvas bag plus a woven BV leather bag would be any woman's dream gift. The canvas bag mimics the shape of the ball bag or campana, so you may want to go for the veneta; or, for a totally different look, a knot clutch. Good luck, and keep us posted!
  10. SKP - I ordered that bag, too. It's a really nice, well made bag. I have carried it to several casual parties where I thought a leather bag would be too much! You have great taste! I agree a small campana would be nice, or one of their flap bags. Since the canvas bag is a lighter color, maybe get the leather one in a dark brown or black.
  11. I love my campana, its incredibly comfortable on the shoulder as well as in hand, and the two handles and magnetic closure make it very easy to get things out of.

    Here is mine in ebano, with accessories

  12. You’re a definite keeper, lucky wife. For a classic BV, the Ebano Veneta is the one. Campana in Camel is another good choice too. Camel is a seasonal colour but imo is a winner in all sense of the word classic.
  13. I'd take a BV anything from the bf anyday! :p

    Count me in for another vote for the Veneta in Ebano. The other ladies have already given very good guides on picking either Medium or Large, but I'm bias, and swayed towards the Large.

    G'luck, and let us know what you eventually get! :yes:
  14. Aww, what an adorable hubby you are - if this is your "sad taste", I'd love to see what you deem your good taste!! :biggrin: Since you are looking for a classic, my vote is also for an Ebano Veneta. I like the large in that color, unless she is extremely petite. If you want to take advantage of a seasonal color, then Camel is truly beautiful....Ebano will always be available and I'm guessing that this could be only the beginning of her BV collection! ;)
  15. Ebano Veneta gets my vote!!