1. This bag is never mentioned on the forum, and its a bag I never see at the LV store. I was just curious because out of all my bags, this one is my absolute favorite.

    Am I the only one on the forum that has this bag?
  2. I dont have it, But i is very cool.
  3. I don't own it, but I considered it when looking for an "across the body bag". In the end I went with the spontini because I liked the fact it could be carried by hand too. I do think the blois is a great bag though.
  4. my cousin has it

    it think its so useful and very very very cute. i adore the shape of the bag! :biggrin:
  5. I have seen this bag irl.
    It's cute...but consider it for the older type :smile:
  6. I never even gave it a second glance but after seeing it on you I really like it
  7. At first I thought it was Klara with long handles. It loos very nice!!!:love: Is it roomy?
  8. I had it and sold it. It was too "thick" for me and too bulky against the body. I also found it a bit difficult to get in and out of. But I did love the shape!
  9. It looks great on you...another plus is not everyone has it! :yes:
  10. It looks good on you. Someone really nice must have bought that for you! ;)
  11. My cousin has this too and it was her first LV bag. I think it's cute and love the "across the shoulder" feature, but I agree with addictedtolv, it really is a bit too thick...
  12. it looks nice on you,but I think it depends on how people can pass it off. Everytime I see it I think of my granny to be honest
  13. Actually I really love blois. I almost get Blois as my first LV. I plan on getting it someday :biggrin:
    It really looks great on you !!
  14. Cute! The closest in my mom's and my collection is the Trocadero.
  15. Blois was actually one of my very first LVs. Love the sling/crossbody style, however the inside leather-like-manmade lining irks me:yucky: It's as if I am just waiting for the time & humidity to take its toll on it to crack or peel... :sad: I prefer canvas or alcantara lining. So I sold it - out of sight, out of mind :P However, I heard from my SA that LV has since "upgraded" and improved the qualities of this lining for the newer bags due to complaints received from a lot of customers. Most of the mono / damier wallets use this kind of lining.
    I am dying for a Cite MM but hate its lining. Cite GM has alcantara lining so why can't Cite MM ??:mad: