Jan 8, 2006
hey everyone

i was just wanting to start up a blog... it seems to be the 'in' thing at the moment...

just wondering which ones are the good ones....... let me know!!!

thanks!!!! :biggrin:

PS, anyone keeping tabs on my b-bags? Black one should be arriving this week - i think! mhahahahaha!
I had an LJ a looong time ago. They're easy to update and customize. Everyone and their mother also seems to have a myspace page, which includes a blog. My 18-year-old cousin who is in her first year of college has one, I found it the other day while being nosy and searching for people. She has all these cute guys leaving comments on her page... she's too young to date! :P
i use xanga.. but that's only because i'm not too good with "pimping" up pages and on xanga.. u just pick the color, etc with the layout already made for u if u don't wanna input ur own html.
yahoooooo said:
There's a good handbag community on LJ: handbag_fetish

Maybe see you there! ;)

from what i've heard handbag_fetish can get a little catty...but i dunno. i like handbag_lovers. they're all really nice there
hey everyone

even though you've already probably got a good idea about what im like.... I've started up my BLOG... thanks SO much to everyone that gave me blog sites to look at and to do.... I just couldn't understand what goes where etc.... (im such a retard when it come to things like this....) SO my friend, Nikky helped me do one on MSN... the link is below!

feel free to post up comments etc..... :biggrin:
my boyfriend wants to build me a bag website because he thinks i would have fun with it and it'd be another thing for his resume/portfolio, but i don't know what i'd do with it. i think it'd be fun to sell secondhand bags for people, but i don't think i have the resources to do that, so i dunno what i'd do. *shrug*