Blogilates/Youtube Workout Videos

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  1. I don't know if anyone has started a thread about this yet, soo I'm going to, but if there is just move this to the other one. Cheers. :winkiss:

    Okay so there's this girl on Youtube, her name is Cassey Ho, and she's been a Pilates instructor for about 10 years now, she's so enthusiastic and gets you through a workout so fast, and her videos actually work, like you see such a drastic change if you do it everyday. She has a Pilates calender on her website.( Plus if you really love pilates (like me) but don't really want to go out to a studio or something, all you need is a mat and you're good! Anyone else here who loves blogilates? or just youtube workout videos in general? I'm subscribed to LiveStrongWoman and ToneItUp, idk just the thing about youtube videos make working out so much more fun for me.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this!!

    I was JUST thinking yesterday that I wanted to do more at-home workouts. My gym isn't far, but on school days it is nice to be able to workout on my short breaks. I will definitely be checking out the links you posted, and I would love to hear anyone else's recommendations as well.
  3. I agree with the above! Her workout videos are very useful but then she did get too annoying for me as well /:
  4. Haha no problem! They are so helpful

    Omg really? I find her to be so entertaining, like I do the workouts while the video is playing, so her cute bubbly-ness distracts me from how intense pilates can be. That's interesting but I see how it can come off that way though.

    But DC I'm definitely going to check out those links you posted!
  5. I like her! I only a found her a few months ago so maybe that's why she hasn't becoming overly annoying to me, lol but I really enjoy her work outs. Her bubbly personality actually makes it fun!
  6. Ya I agree it distracts me from the workouts. Especially since she'll talk a lot and tell you stories about something that happened and then it's like wow I'm like almost done this video.
  7. I tried a couple of her videos but not that many yet! Unfortunately a lot of her cardio videos seem hard on the knees and I have to be a bit careful there, but I like her Gangnam Style cardio vid! let's just say I'm glad no one sees me when I do it :roflmfao:
    I also like her Drive By Inner Thigh challenge and the Inner Thigh Insanity! Never Ever Getting Back Together pilates for arms and shoulders is great too, but I have to modify quite a bit there, bc it kills my shoulders :biggrin:

    what are your favourites? :smile:
  8. Oh I know about her already. I sometimes do the Lower Body Segments that she has and i kinda tone her voice down. She can talk too much.
  9. wow thanks for posting this. i have book marked some of her videos. thanks so much!
  10. So far I love the Lolo Jones Lunges video, her beginners ab video on LiveStrongWomen it's like 16 mins long, Bikini Blaster Arms, and Pippa's Butt Workout. I haven't tried the Gangnam Style cardio vid yet, I want to though!

    Ya I agree but it distracts from the workouts so it goes by faster for me.

    No problem!
  11. I briefly signed up for pilatesanytime and gave it up two workouts in when I reinjured my lower back.

    Because I have ongoing hip/lower back issues, it's just not worthwhile to me to do exercises without a qualified instructor standing over me to make sure I have correct alignment and form. Also, I was finding it hard to safely progress without hands-on instruction.
  12. I completely get that! My mom helps me with posture and alignment because she used to heavily work out in her 20s and 30s, even 40s, (not at the moment, although she's getting back into it.) So I guess that helps me. But I see how you'd need an instructor, it's just so helpful especially for teenagers, or just anyone in general when you just want to workout a little (or a lot!) at home, instead of going to the gym [ :
  13. Thanks I looked up her YouTube workouts after reading this article. It might become my new fav channel
  14. No problem! I definitely hope that they help :hugs: