Blogging vs. chatting

  1. Is there a reason why there are blog forums and hardly anymore chat rooms? I was curious.
  2. Hm. Its a lot easier to spam in chatrooms? Not much of a sign up process and you just hit enter as many times as you want. I got sick of chatrooms for that reason. Also, I've never heard anyone being "Banned" from a chatroom, maybe just kicked off by the server (but they could easily sign back on) or getting blocked/ignored by other chatters within the room. I guess theres just a lot more mobility and less constraint for chatrooms.
  3. Thanks! Blogging is better.;)
  4. well actually...what we're doing right now isn't really blogging. Blogging is keeping a blog, a webpage, that lists new posts in order (like the Purse Blog itself: The world doesn't have access to be able to write posts, only the owner(s) of the blog do.

    What we're on now is a forum, a messageboard. This is more of a community/open discussion, whereas a blog is more about one author (or one single concept).
  5. oh, and on topic: I think online chatrooms are dying thanks to chat clients like aim, which are twenty thousands times better, and myspace. and forums are thriving because realtime isn't really an issue, they are generally moderated to keep out spam, and they have valuable information.
  6. Also, with chat rooms if you're not in the chat room you miss the conversation. Whereas with forums, if you don't check for a day or a week you will still be able to access the threads that you missed.