blocking contacts from seller on ebay?

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  1. I posted an ISO on ebay for an item and provided a specific info + picture. Today a seller responded and I got an email from ebay. The item in question is not at all what I was looking for and I got notifications for all the items they have listed. Some not even in the same category.

    Do any of you know how the ISO system works? And if I can block contacts from this particular seller?
  2. Argh. So apparently the answer is no. 25+ min with their CS on chat. I think I explained 4+ times my question - can I block a specific seller from my want it now post. After all that time all they came up with was instructions on deleting my post which I pointed out to them was not my question. Sheesh. No wonder no one can get through on the phone.
  3. That is one of the risks of the Want It Now area. You can report her contacts.
  4. Report and add to blocked list.