Blocked Fallopian Tube

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  1. This might be a stupid question, but if you have a blocked fallopian tube, would you still have a period every month? If the egg doesn't make it into the uterus, how could you?:shrugs:
  2. tabbyco, i hope you are not working yourself up into the worst scenarios. It is perfectly normal for it to take awhile for a women to get pregnant. In the book there is a section on anovulatory bleeding and how we woudln't know the difference from a period. Even if we didn't ovulate or had a blocked tube the endometrium still has to shed which is a regulatory function of fluctuating hormones levels. If we chart our temps for several cycles and one cycle you didn't see a change in temps. where you normally did when you ovulated, this may be anovulatory bleeding mistaken for a period (in which ovulation took place). Hope this helps.
  3. Thanks celi. It does... I am just looking for something b/c everything is checking out normal and I am IMPATIENT! I keep saying to myself, there is NO WAY our timing can be that bad...
  4. tabbyco,

    I agree with Celi, you are working yourself up for the worse.

    Please relax.

    Answering your question, yes, a woman would get her period even her tubes are closed and her eggs don't make it to the uterus. I didn't know at first either.

    Baby dust !!!

    VT Pooh
  5. You menstruate while on the pill, and ovulation does not take place.
  6. Are you starting to think too much like me? :rolleyes:
  7. I was menstrating and not ovulating.. . . no blockages.
    Clomid caused me to ovulate so I had eggs, just wasn't dropping them.