Block this buyer!!! Chicagoshoper

  1. I can't believe this....well...actually I suppose I can after all the horror stories on here...

    I put a buy it now or best offer on one of my handbags I was selling on eBay... I got two offers....I accepted a bid from Chicagoshoper - no word from Chicagoshoper....sent another invoice....sent a 3rd email....finally Chicagoshoper emails me and says ....oh...sorry I now see the bag is brown...I thought it was black....however, if I am willing to take the brown will you give me a $100 discount???
    I said NO.....I explained the auction title and description clearly stated BROWN.....I also told her I had another bid and I trusted her and accepted her bid....ARGH!!!!
    I am so frustrated.....
    should I just tell this person to forget it ...and report her to eBay...I don't trust her to go through with this sale ...or not to issue a chargeback or something... I just don't trust her....
    anyway ....block Chicagoshoper from your auctions.......
  2. I would report her as non-paying bidder, as I'm sure she won't pay you in the seven days.
    Then leave her negative.
    I know I hate that !

    She's obviously having second thoughts and it's just an excuse.
  3. I hate ebayers like they not read. I think they do it for attension or they are just dumb. I would make a dispute and then wait till then end and leave negative feedback...then she cant leave it you. :smile:
  4. Just checked her profile - she's listed as NARU...

    Sorry this has happened to you - how frustrating. It's amazing how downright rude and inconsiderate some people can be. I see she only has 2 feedbacks and is obviously a newb. My feeling is that if you are venturing into a new "game" you should at least become familiar with the rules and etiquette before playing!
  5. what does "naru" mean????
  6. no longer a registered user
  7. Ah she has been Naru'd so no chance she can pay you now, proably just as well solves your problem! Some real nightmare buyers on eBay at the minute
  8. It must not be the same person missusb ...this is the chicagoshoper that bought from me ...this chicagoshoper has a feedback of 45 ...april 06 to present
  9. Sh*t! This person just won my auction! He or She paid, but I haven't had the opportunity to ship the bag out yet. I was suspicious when she won my auction because her feedback is private. Now what do I do? I mean, she could be legit with my auction, but with private feedback, she could also end up scamming me.
  10. Hopefully she has a confirmed address.
    If you look her up on you can see that she has purchased over $20,000 worth of stuff in the past 30 days!! Yikes!

    She does have good taste!
  11. Wow 20K?

    I'd like to hear the updates on this one!
  12. I just emailed ebay with my concern about this buyer and told them that she had bid, and won, over $20,000 worth of merchandise on their site in one month. I also said that though the buyer paid me, I felt uncomfortable with the auction because of her buying history. Let's see if they get back to me with a real response, not a canned one. I told the buyer that I would ship the bag out ASAP before I found out about this drama, but I am going to wait and see what ebay has to say. I don't want to send the bag out and then find out that the buyer was comitting credit card fraud, or something just as sketchy.
  13. So here is the letter that I wrote to eBay and what follows is their response:

    Customer concern: Hi,

    I recently sold this item ************ and the
    highest bidder was **********. I was suspicious at first because the
    buyer has private feedback, but since the buyer paid and the address was
    confirmed, I thought he/she might be okay. I belong to a purse forum
    and on this forum another member stated that this same buyer did not pay
    her for an item on which she bid. I was also alerted to the fact that
    ********** has bid on (and won) approximately $30,000 worth of stuff
    in the last 30 days, which raises the alarm bells in my mind. I checked
    the address that this buyer has with eBay, which states that he or she
    is in *******, but the address (which was confirmed) that I am
    supposed to send the bag to is in ********. Again, maybe this is
    all legitimate, but before I send out a purse that is worth close to a
    thousand dollars, I want to make sure that ******** is legitimate
    and not committing credit card fraud. Please let me know what I need to do with this bidder.



    Dear *****,

    Thank you for writing eBay in regard to invalid contact information.

    We're in the process of investigating the contact information of the
    buyer you're reporting. This process usually takes one to two days. If
    we don't find valid contact information, then we'll restrict the buyer
    from using eBay.

    What can you do next?

    We recommend that you check your buyer's contact information again after
    48 hours. This should allow enough time for the buyer to revise their
    contact information.

    To request the buyer's contact information, follow these steps:

    1. Click the "Advanced Search" link at the top of any eBay page.
    2. Click the "Find Contact Information" link that will appear on the
    side of the page.
    3. Enter in the User ID of the member you wish to find and the Item
    number of your transaction.

    What if eBay restricts your buyer's account?

    If your buyer's account becomes restricted, you can file an Unpaid Item
    dispute. Through this dispute process, you may receive a Final Value Fee
    credit if you can't complete the transaction with the buyer. To learn
    more about our Unpaid Item dispute process, go to:

    Unpaid Item Policy

    With regard to your second concern, I forwarded your message to a
    Customer Support representative in our appropriate dapartment. The
    representative will review your situation in more detail. You should
    receive a response that answers your question soon.

    It is my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for choosing eBay.



    Now I am frustrated--that is totally a canned response! Will an actual person ever contact me or do I need to call eBay and find out what is going on?
  14. report her, file for your money back and block her from bidding on your auctions.
    thanks for the heads up!