**Block jennwong686 for louboutin sales****

  1. Seriously dumb.

    I'm glad I can entertain. :welcome:
  2. I wish she would come and identify herself -- and defend her actions.
  3. Ok I'm even more confused the feedback she left is no longer listed on my account it was removed? What the heck is going on.??????
  4. Lol don't worry about it it's gone lol! Good for you maybe she saw the thread and realized was a total pain she was and removed it, doubtful maybe eBay grew a brain and removed it for you, I've seen that before
  5. Yeah your right I just wanna know is she sending the shoes back or keeping them? If she keeping them I want the payment released.
  6. Judging by what a complete PITA she has been lately you'll probably get them back at a snails pace...so sorry for all of this but hopefully it all ends soon
  7. I foget her tpf name but have you checked to see when the last time she was online was? I bet shes been reading this thread
  8. Sorry for the hijack but I can't pm you your box is full!!
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    OP, so sorry to hear you are going through this. Most of the folks purchasing CLs on the bay today have only recently turned to the brand ( unlike some of us that have been buying for years) so they think they know ALL there is to know, albeit with a very short term focus (dummies). So, they usually claim fake on older styles that are certainly authentic, like your Pigalles. Hopefully, the know-it-all will send your shoes back in same condition and you can sell them to a buyer that knows and appreciates CLs. Good luck!