**Block jennwong686 for louboutin sales****

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  1. Ladies you have no ideal and to add insult she sent me five messages like this open the claim, left negative feedback, and gets to return the shoes geesh...... eBay only protects the buyers if you had buyer remorse just say you did
  2. So all her vast knowledge didn't lead her to not bidding on a pair of shoes she considers must be fake? I mean the colours, the heel shape and style were all 'wrong'. So she goes ahead and buys a pair of shoes she is pretty much sure are fake. Yeah that makes sense. How nice of her to work with you on this issue, the issue of her ignoring all her own common sense and buying anyway.
  3. I'm sorry you have to deal with this.

    Yeah. Also, in my opinion 99,99% of the time with shoes it's that they don't fit.
  4. This is why new sellers leave eBay.

    I'm really sorry that this happened to you.

  5. This is a very rude buyer.. not even worth dignifying with a response

    These kinds of buyers are beyond crazy....
  6. This gave me a laugh, but I'm sorry for your troubles :sad:
  7. She wanted to work it out with you before she filed a claim, but still filed the claim? Some people really must feed off of confrontation.

    Sorry OP for your troubles =(
  8. She wanted to work it out with you before she filed a claim, but still filed the claim? Some people really must feed off of confrontation.

    Sorry OP for your troubles =(
  9. Wow ok! I've seen a lot of authentic CLs that sell for $300 or less. What an arrogant weirdo she is!
  10. I know, isn't that dumb?! I've scored some great pairs around that price point. "Arrogant weirdo"...what a horrible combination for one person to possess, bahahahahah! :roflmfao:
  11. How annoying for you OP!
    And what a shame that such a patronising (& misinformed) buyer found your item.

    I sold a pair of Pigalles with sculpted heel a while back and included a little spiel about the sculpted heel in the description. It's amazing how many self proclaimed CL experts aren't familiar with this style :roll eyes:

    I hope you have better luck with your buyers in the future.
  12. Ok so the buyer has not responded to the case or provided tracking for the return how long do they normally have to return and item. I don't want to drag this out just return the shoes

  13. Would not expect this buyer to give you any kind of courtesy whatsoever..

    She probably won't answer your e-mails but she will have to respond

    to the claim.. There is a certain time frame that ebay/paypal has , so

    unfortunately you will have to just be patient for your shoes to come back..

    But if you don't hear back in 7- 10 days would contact ebay/pp

    good luck... this is a horror of a buyer
  14. Hi,
    I'm new here and discovered your post about jenn wrong :sick: If the buyer paid through PP then she'll have to provide a tracking no. If she can't provide one, PP will close the case in your favor and you'll be able to keep the payment (at least). BTW: If a buyer claims an item is not authentic, they have to provide a written & signed statement from an authorised retailer or from the manufacturer that the item is indeed counterfeit in order for the buyer to receive a refund from PP. Good luck!
  15. Yes I'm aware that they are required to provided this information to PayPal but the claim never made it to PayPal it was handled In Ebays resolution center so I will just wait to see when they arrive.