**Block jennwong686 for louboutin sales****

  1. I rarely start threads but my recent transaction on eBay pissed me off what is going on with all of these buyers claiming fakes.....

    I sold a pair of shoes to the above person on eBay she received them and two days later I receive this email which was an insult as these shoes are authentic and she is a member of this forum.

    This is the first email:
    Ok, I understand you're a new seller so as a favor I am FIRST going to try and work it out with you, so I do not have to open a case. I own many Christian Louboutins. MANY. I buy directly from Barneys, Saks, and the South Coast Plaza and Robertson store. I use eBay mainly to find rare/sold out styles in my size (36 or 36.5 depending on shoe) which can be found on eBay for years. FYI, I do not recall seeing this pair posted. I bought 2 rare "unbouts" in both black and yellow in June paying about double retail for each. I'm obviously not bargain hunting CL's.

    I seek a FULL REFUND/RETURN as:
    1. You do not seem to posses any proof of authentication or receipt of origin. (FYI, I am also an active member of the TPF forum. It is a shoe and purse lovers forum based on opinion, not backed by any authenticating party other than its own constituents.)
    2. Item is NOT as described. TPF forum active member or not, I KNOW you are not that familiar with the Christian Louboutin Brand. Fake or Real, the style of these shoes are NOT Pigalle, they ARE the Piou Piou 85mm. (Simply go to the OFFICIAL site: christianlouboutin.com) Currently, authentic Piou Piou 85mm are only sold in black patent, nude patent, and leopard.
    3. Heel and heel tip is HIGHLY uncharacteristic of an Authentic CL. One of the tips rotates freely without fastening tighter to the base. Pictures failed to show the poor adhesion between the sole to the underside of heel. This DOES NOT occur with authentic CL because of how its manufactured, EVEN with SIGNIFICANT WORN, yet these are practically new.

    Serious CL buyers on Ebay know their shoes. If you sell them, it is imperative to do your research so you can back up your listing and what you SAY. Most of what you have told me is contradictory. FYI 305 is VERY low for what I expected to pay if authentic. As you know, TPF cautions paying below 300 for used. Remember a no return policy is meaningless if eBay protection needs to get involved.

    Here is the links to the Authentication and Style Name Thread which was provided to buyer, needless to say she opened a case and will be returning the shoes, but what pissed me off is this person never asked a question and clearly states the TPF Cautions against buying shoes for less than 300 but you bid on a pair of shoes that were less than 300. So if you want to avoid unnessary issues I would suggest you block her.



  2. I don't normally reply in the ebay section, but just had to say wow. They are definitely Pigalle. Anyone who knows Louboutin that well should know that years ago he also did the sculpted heel. Sorry you have to deal with this.

    And I've gotten some of my best Louboutin deals for less than $300 and there's nothing wrong with that.
  3. ohhh wow, what a lecture :lecture:
    I hope this psycho will return the shoes in the same condition so you could sell them to a normal person who will appreciate them.
  4. What's with the idiots buying CL's lately? I think this is the 3rd case of a buyer claiming authentic shoes are fake that I've seen in the eBay section in the last month!

    I am so sorry that you have to deal with this crap. I've only ever sold 4 pair of CL's on eBay and 1 out of the 4 buyers claimed that the pair I sold them was counterfeit. This was weeks after she received them AND had left me positive FB. I politely asked her where she had them authenticated as they were 100% authentic but never got a reply - only a SNAD claim (that the buyer won of course) through PP.

    If someone isn't educated about the brand they are buying then perhaps they would do better to shop only in boutiques.
  5. Wow. Just wow. I don't understand why this person bid and paid if there were so many issues. And since she wants to point out TPF precautions, I have seen it well emphasized here to ask questions before buying if you are unsure.

    Her comments are condescending and unnecessary. Sorry you have to deal with this, OP, ugh!
  6. Yes very unnecessary not to mention she is a member of TPF
  7. Obviously that hasn't precluded her from speaking to you in such a rude and impertinent (to put it mildly) manner. So sorry you have to deal with such a person, OP.
  8. OP, I don't know how many times I rolled my eyes while reading the buyer's message. She obviously is the one who doesn't know what she's talking about. I'm so sorry that you have to deal with this.
  9. I don't know why people feel the need to be so rude sometimes in their messages. You CAN convey dissapointment, skepticism, anger, frustration and whatever else in a manner that does not include being condescending, belittling someone or their knowledge or just being plain rude. TPF member? Wow, that's too bad. She is definitely an exception to the norm I have seen in here.

    I'm sorry you have to deal with any of this. I guess some people don't treat others the way they would like to be treated.
  10. Oy. She needs a serious attitude adjustment. How condescending and inappropriate can someone be?
  11. What a nerves she has. Also could you please reply to her that my SA has Piou Piou on sale a couple months back and it's in RED patent. So for her to say it's only sold in black/nude patent and leopard is a bunch of BS.
    Yours is absolutely Pigalle and I have no doubt about the authenticity.
  12. Yes. My SA also sent me pics of these in red. So much for knowing her stuff? Not!
  13. I rarely visit CL forum so never knew you guys have $300 rule :rolleyes:

    I'm so sorry that you have to put up with this BS.
    Nothing worse than ignorant snobs. She doesn't deserve your shoes.
    Hope you get your shoes back as you sold and sell to someone who will appreciate.
  14. About a year ago I listed some CLs on evilBay and I received a message from a girl that stated she had over 100 pairs of CLs in her collection and that if she won my auction she would be having them authenticated and that she just wanted me to know she was not the girl to mess with if the CLs were fake and blah, blah, blah. I blocked her right away and didn't even respond. I mean, really? She sends me all this craziness before she even placed a bid. I kept thinking, why not have them authenticated before you bid, why not just NOT bid if you are feeling skeptical about them and why send me a pre-bid threat?! I guess you just can't control all the crazies out there.
  15. And I want to say she obviously doesn't know her CL very well. Owning 100 CLs you should be able somewhat tell fakes from miles away and just get it authenticated before you bid. I mean I don't even have that many and I still can tell, though not an expert. Why the hassle and saying things like I'm not someone you can mess with? That's a red neck attitude :lecture:! What does she thinks this is? Sorry...this thread is making my head boils Lol