Block/Ignore feature

  1. So I did the experiment. I put someone in my Ignore List and asked her to PM me.


    • I was able to PM her, and she received it.
    • I did not receive the PM she sent to me.
    • She found the PM she sent me in her Sent Folder.

    I mean, it makes sense that we don't get those PMs. To me it's about not having to read some posts, so the PMing part never crossed my mind and doesn't make a difference kuz these members wouldn't PM me. However, this is yet another benefit of the feature if one wanted to avoid PMs.
  2. funny! I feel like as a Mod I can't add users. . . although I have once, but she's was a wackadoodle and is long gone now :biggrin:
  3. Makes sense to me as well. Wasn't sure about you being able to PM her. Thanks for the experiment :tup:
  4. Don't you just loooove all our crazy posts and PMs? The joy of it all?

    OK, seriously...bummer... violin-011.gif

    NP. It was a bit challenging because if I didn't get the PM, I wouldn't know it right away, and she couldn't tell me she sent it on the thread because I couldn't see her posts...and I couldn't un-ignore her in case the PM was on its way :blink:
  5. Thank goodness for it!
  6. FYI - Moderators can not be put on ignore lists.
  7. LOL! I am SURE a few people have learned this:lol:
  8. Something tells me you may be right.
  9. Dammit!

    Because Roo's really been pissing me off lately!

    (Kidding . . . . I love you, Roo! :flowers:)
  10. I can't live without this feature!
  11. Now that I know PMs can be avoided as well, I like it even more. And there's no temptation to open PMs and be subjected to stuff you'd rather not read because you don't even know the PMs were sent.:greengrin:
  12. :roflmfao:

  13. :nono: Behave now, girlie! :lol:
  14. I'm sorry, Roo!

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    Darn it! and here I though there was something wrong with my computer :p

    Serioulsy, it took a lot for me to add someone to my list and that particular member is gone now. I don't feel bad now for adding that name to my list because I know it wasn't just me KWIM. They got SFB for a reason.