Block/Ignore feature

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  2. I used this feature but then found out I would rather understand what is going on with the entire thread. I understand why Karmen and can relate to why you are using it.:winkiss:
  3. ^ So you gave up on it?
  4. Yes, I don't use it at all. I haven't come across a reason so far to need it. This will probably come back to bite me now:thinking:. I'm sure others are using against my posts though:shame:
  5. To each her own, right?
  6. Yup, you are correct:peace:
  7. :lol:
  8. Lol I didn't even know this existed! Although I have yet to come across a reason to use it, I am atleast glad I know where it is!


  9. You know, I don't like any of your tones and you're all going on my ignore list!

  10. oh no!!!

  11. ^LOL! interesting smiley karmen haha. and i didnt know that this feature even existed. i have been out of touch with tpf lately. i probably wont end up using it though. my curiosity always gets the better of me lol.
  12. Oh I use this and I love it!

    No mo' drama fo' mama!!!!!
  13. I've always wondered this about the ignore button: if you're on someone's ignore list, do you miss out on an entire thread that they've started? Or do you just not see thier post, but you still see everything everyone else posted in that thread?
  14. No, you see the thread and everything others have posted. You do not see the posts of those you have added to your Ignore List. You see their names on the thread in small type where their posts should be.
  15. ^ Thanks! But what about if someone has added you to their ignore list? I was always confused about what happens there..