Block/Ignore feature

  1. Ok, that makes sense. Thank you for your quick reply!
  2. :cutesy:
  3. Just wondering if there is any way to switch off the quote notifications? It is just that for the first time i have felt the need to add a user to my ignore list (so i can't view her posts thank goodness) but i am still getting the quote notifications when she quotes me which is slightly annoying because she is quoting my posts several times a day...
  4. Interesting, we'll have the QN feature updated to reflect this. Thanks for pointing this out.

    Either way, you can turn off QNs in your profile options.
  5. Thankyou for letting me know, i thought there was this option but i really don't mind quote notifications per se (infact it is definately a great new feature) it is only specifically the ones from the poster on my ignore list that i wish i didn't recieve :biggrin:
  6. When you use the ignore feature is the person your 'ignoring' unable to see your posts? Is there a block feature at all?
  7. I am afraid that is not how it works - if you ignore someone, you can not see their posts and they can't PM you (98% sure).
  8. but you can see their posts if they are quoted in someone else's posts.
  9. Yep. If someone is on your ignore list, they are 100% not able to PM you. :yes:
  10. Thanks guys!
  11. Bumping more people need to use this feature! It's hands down a wonderful thing to apply when needed!
  12. So when you have someone on can see their posts on the app... or is there something I have to do?
  13. It is a real shame that we can't put someone on 'ignore' and consequently they not be able to view YOUR posts. It is so annoying when somebody makes it clear that they do not care for you or your posts and yet they continue to read them anyway...
  14. Unfortunately that is not how the ignore feature is implemented. It merely blocks you from seeing the ignored user's posts and prevent them from PMing you.
  15. Is there anyway to block a forum like "true crime"? I was wondering out of my normal purse forum and happened to click on it tonight.

    Now I'm so sad that i read thread titles and read posts. :sad:

    I just don't want to be reminded of it...