Block/Ignore feature

  1. I was wondering, if you add another member who is bothering you on your ignore list, is there any way that he/she will be able to tell that is on your ignore list? Say, if she sent me a PM, will it bounce to their inbox saying "Cannot send message. You are on the ignore list of _____________"?
  2. Hi Karman, hope you dont mind me answering you. The message still gets sent but underneath the message when you recieve it, it will say something like "This member is on your ignore list, press view to view this message", thats what happened when i did it and it also blocks their unless you choose to see their posts, you cant see them. There is no way that they know they are on your ignore list. :flowers:
  3. Put the person on ignore and tell a mod
  4. yeah, definately tell a mod. If she's harassing you, the mods can figure out what to do with her.
  5. Karman .... I hope you are not being harassed ? Please feel free to contact us via PM.
  6. DITTO that!^
    noone should be pestered by another Pfer...
  7. hey, whos harrassing karman? put em up!


    (I just love an excuse to use that smiley!)

  8. That is a cute one!!:heart:
  9. yea! :yahoo: your'e still here!
  10. I hope it's nothing serious Karman. Just know we are here for you. I'll duke it out for a fellow Pfer. Just don't hit my face. :biggrin:
  11. Aww thanks everything is fine, I promise.
    IF something does happen I won't be afraid to tell a mod for sure!

    anyway, mas2388 and I experimented by me blocking her and having her send me PMs...they never got through and she had no idea that they never got through, so I'm guessing there is no way to tell if you've been ignored!
  12. Hi! I was wondering what happens to PMs members on your ignore list send to you. Do they bounce back to the person who sent it or do they appear as received?
  13. Hmmmm, does anyone know?
  14. Hi Rose- I looked up an old thread on this (don't know how to attach - sorry!) and it would seem that if they are on your ignore list you won't receive PMs from them. HTH:smile:
  15. Thanks RachelA:heart::heart: