BLOCK Cell Phone Telemarketers..... Heres the # for you!

  1. Just call this # from your cell phone and any and all telemarketers will be blocked for 5 years:yahoo: . No fee what so ever. Takes about 10 seconds. I did it. Here ya go. 1-888-382-1222
  2. That's freaky deaky, I just dialed the number and it said it had been disconnected.
  3. OOOPS!! Sorry I was one # off, I fixed it for ya. The # is correct now.
  4. thanks..i just did it...
  5. You can also register your phone numbers (cell and landline) at the FTC website:

    That's also the website to file complaints if you get a telemarketing call AFTER you've been registered on the Do Not Call list for a month.
  6. Oooh!!! I just did it! Thanks so much!!

  7. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this is a hoax. I WISH it were true! :crybaby:

    You can read all about it at
    Urban Legends Reference Pages: Celling Your Soul

    Just list your cell # with, as the gal above suggested.
  8. I have Privacy Director in my bundled phone options. It's SO cool. The caller has to either let their number be displayed on the caller ID or if not to show, they then must verbally announce themselves to the computer. If they refuse, the phone never rings. If they do identify themselves, your phone rings and you listen to who the person is. If you hear that it's a telemarketer, you can punch a number on the keypad and it permanently blocks them.

    I LOVE IT!! Our phone used to ring off the hook, but now, only people we want to talk to can get through! :yahoo:
  9. ^^^Thats a great service!