BLOCH in Canada?

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  1. Hi all..!!

    Spring is almost upon us! i need ballets flats, and i can't afford lanvins.. so after scouting around on tPF, looks like BLOCHs are the next best thing!

    but where to buy in/from Canada?? :confused1:

    i know has them, but they're out of my size, and according to the cs they r not available for special order.

    Anywhere else? :flowers:
  2. Have you tried calling 1-800-335-7268? They should be able to point you in the right direction! Let me know if it works out.
  3. I saw some at Holts the other day.
  4. REALLY..!?

    ok will make a trip to Holts and give that number a call, will report back.

    thanks girls!!
  5. Good luck with your search!
  6. I saw them at Gravity Pope last year, plus random boutiques Downtown.
  7. hello ladies!! just reporting in for an update on the Blochs in vancouver/canada. :smile:

    So i got an email back from the Bloch headquarters, and they told me the following stores carry Bloch shoes and should be expecting spring merchandise in the first week of March :
    Gravity Pope
    The Block
    Lola Home & Apparel

    However, i called all of them.. and although several of them have a couple of pairs left (in the oxford shoes/booties style) they said they havent had Bloch merchandise in awhile, and are NOT expecting any more (as far as they know). :thinking:

    So i'm gonna keep searching online (bah) and i'll pop by those stores sometime in about 2 weeks and will let u girls know if i find anything :biggrin:
  8. yes i heard hills stopped carrying this brand. it just didn't sell well..
  9. I think blubird sells them... the stores down near Italian Kitchen on Alberni
  10. I bought mine from theOutnet last year.
  11. I was walking by and happened to notice that Bloch flats are carried at FIRST by Feet First shoe stores in Canada.
  12. Which FIRST do you go by? The ones out in the suburbs don't have them.
  13. Exactly what I was going to suggest. I got a pair from there, and a pair from Net a Porter online.
  14. I think some of the Feetfirst stores have them too. I know Yorkdale does. I guess it depends where you are located!