BlkLadyLaw's Collection

  1. Behold how much trouble reading this forum has gotten me into! :shrugs:

    I think I am near my dream collection now. I would like a monogram Gucci with Blue/White web, a silver Chanel evening bag, the black Chanel modern chain bag, Chanel burgundy reissue, Hermes 35cm or JPG Birkins in orange, blue jean, fuschia lizard and black crocodile. :drool: :heart: :love:

    Despite my fantasy additions I have a feeling I will wimp out on getting more than one more Birkin (and definitely not the exotic skins unless I hit the lottery) until I fulfill some additional real estate investment goals first. And once I start having a family I have a feeling there will be more important things to do with my disposable funds. :crybaby: But I'll enjoy just thinking about me and my fashion needs for now while it lasts :wlae:
    Gucci Collection.jpg Chanel Collection.jpg Misc Collection.jpg
  2. Hey pretty girl, AWESOME collection!!!

    Look at that new avatar!
  3. loving your gucci blondie!!! :girlsigh:
  4. wow, i'm jealous. i love the mix of bags, esp the blondies and all your chanels. love it!
  5. Can I just say one thing? THAT GERANIUM LE FAB IS TDF!!! :drool:

    VERY nice collection!!! Thanks for sharing!
  6. What a great collection!!
  7. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great collection!!
    I want to reach inside my computer and steal your Chanel Modern Chain :graucho:
  8. love the collection.. your birkin is just so pretty... congrats
  9. I see you live in DC!!! My sis lives in College Park!!! :supacool:
  10. Girl, I love your collection! Truly amazing!
  11. impressive! you've got excellent taste... i love all your bags, and am seriously drooling all over my keyboard right now.
  12. What a gorgeous collection!
    You make me drool :drool: .
  13. Soror, I love your collection! You have such great variety. I especially love your Chanel collection and your birkin. :drool: :drool: .

  14. gorgeous collection!!
  15. Woooow, what a great collection! I absolutely love your Hermes. It's such a beautiful bag! You have a nice Chanel collection. Congratulations, it's really awesome.