Blk/Wht combo MAM Advice

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  1. I just received this bag yesterday. I love it!

    So here's my problem....I live in Michigan and it is the dead of a very long Winter. When is it ok to start carrying this bag???? :confused1:

    Can't Spring technically start in February?
  2. I think you could totally rock this bag all year round. :tup:
  3. This bag is definitely meant to be carried year round!! Think about a stark white bag in the snow :love:

    Rebecca does launch her Spring lines in the first week of february, so if you awnted to wait till Feb it would be perfectly OK! But if it was me- i'd start NOW :nuts:
  4. Oh...thanks! I was thinking of carrying it to the fire and ice festival tonight, stashing my little Chihuahua inside with her red blankie.

    Is there a chain shoulder strap? Anyone know about how to get something in silver for this bag?
  5. Can you get straps directly from RM?
  6. ^ Not anymore. Some of the Spring bags will come with straps, not sure which ones.

  7. Congrats!! So glad it arrived and you love it!! I also think of it as a year-round bag--enjoy!
  8. PS: Remember we are waiting for the pics with your charm and your Chihuahua!!!
  9. yay, I completely love my MAM black and white combo!! It's summer at the moment and it looks gorgeous when you can see the sun shining on the patent and the HW!! But I'm actually really looking forward to wearing it with my red winter coat when the cold months come round - I think it's definitely a bag for all seasons :tup: