Blk Reissue in caviar wt GHW ??

Nov 25, 2009
Since I am torn between getting either a blk classic flap wt ghw or reissue blk wt ghw.i hv been offering the new choice that hv to be considered again.;)

The reissue blk in caviar wt ghw!! :P

In my opinion I think it is a good combination of those two I want.But after rethinking again n again ....Is it too weird? Or is it good that it isn't too common like both original versions that everyone seems to hv ?

I hv a PST in blk wt Ghw and love it a lot..:graucho:

Been wanting for flaps bc it is the classic piece of chanel but a bit hesitate since everyone in my city seems to carry one here n there...

Or just get this caviar reissue and wait for the classic flap in other color later

I hvnt seen it in real life.only in the pic which is nice..So anyone?...Yay or Nay?Any thoughts? TIA:biggrin:
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May 6, 2008
Oh yes hi seems like we may have the same SA! I got the same pic too! I personally think it's a stunning bag and something a little different and more unusual although still a classic. I have the 226 black reissue aged calf with GHW (garden variety haha) which to me is such an iconic bag and I LOVE the leather but my first ever reissue is actually the seasonal 12A black caviar reissue with RHW in the 225 size. I like that it is different. For a while after I bought it however I wasn't 100% in love with the look of the caviar in a reissue but I have since grown fond of it!

This combo will not be easily available once all the bags are gone from the stores. The classic aged calf is always being made, but it's just a matter of finding one/waiting for one to be available since many people want it. One thing to think about is that the quilts are going to be flatter on the reissue compared to the classic flap.