blk pt: oooOOOOHHHhhhh yyYYYYyeeeAAAAAAa!


    I'm so excited... things never happen this fast... I was really torn earlier on in the week between a couple of different bags... and I stumbled onto this baby yesterday...and she's mine!!!!!!! :yahoo::wlae::girlsigh:

    Introducing Ms. '07 Balck Part-Time!!!!!

    I will post more pics when i get her...i can't wait!!!
  2. yay!!! congrats!! I've actually yet to see a PT IRL, but I love that it has a longer strap and feet. And in black it'll be fabulous!! Love the black bal- even more so since seeing bama's collection. Can't wait to see your pics!!
  3. That black sea really sealed the deal for me!! I wanted anthracite for the longest time.. but I'm really happy with this bag..

    I've tried the PT before, and i remember thinking that it was noticeably larger than the city. In a color like black though i have a feeling i'll be getting a lot of use out of it, and appreciating all the extra room... I'll definitly keep you posted!
  4. I can see how bama's pics threw you into the sea lol. I bet she'll be gorgeous when you get her! Congrats!! :nuts:
  5. gorgeous! congrats! cant wait to be able to get my Black PT w GGH...
  6. congrats... black bbags are such classic!
  7. oooHHH!!!Modeling shots when you get her pleaseeeeee!!!:wlae:Congrats!!
  8. Oh black PT is so classic. This is the best daily bag ever. Good choice. Plis post some modelling pics. I love all the tpf modelling pics. It makes the bag look even better. BTW.. I need a favor from u. Can u plis take the pic of the serial number on the leather tag. Just want to check how many digits is the number. I have a Giant blue PT that I bought from a reputable shop in my country. The serial number on the leather tag is 12digits. But my fren said PT only have 10digits. So do u mind to post a pic of the leather tag inside the bag. Just want to compare with mine. Sorry to give so much trouble. Thx.
  9. gorgeous bag, i love the PT. congrats!!
  10. congrats! cant wait to see your pics! oh and remember the mod ones too!
  11. Way to go! Can't wait to see the pics!
  12. Congratulations! I was contemplating a PT too but wanted to see more pics before I dived in. Can't wait to see your pics!:tup:
  13. congrats!! Love it in black!
  14. I love my pt! congrats and can't wait to see pictures!
  15. congrats!