blk patent timeless clutch available

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  1. $1050. someone grab it!!! call diane at michigan troy!!!!
  2. Oooooooooo...the patent version is sooooo pretty!!!

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  3. OMG, it's gorgeous! the price is great too, considering the caviar is now 995
  4. Allure Feb. 2007
    Black Patent Clutch...I want one too!;)

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  5. OMG. This is very cute!!! Whoa.. I want one too!!
  6. I have this -- looooove it!
  7. nice, but DH prefers white one.. :smile:
  8. Has anyone seen a blk patent timeless clutch available anywhere at a NM? :confused1: I really want one....;)

    Troy MI doesn't seem to have one...:sad:
  9. If anyone cares they have the caviar and lambskin in black in harrods, also the same bag in this pale blue snakeskin shade and in navy perforated blue - hope someone can use them!! I got the caviar myself a few weeks ago but am loving the patent too - if can find the patent in another colour might grab it...:P
  10. I saw a few this week at Bev Hills ~ Saks
    & at NM Fashion Island, CA!
    Good Luck~Its the cutest thing ever!
  11. Thanks!!!:smile: