Blk Denim Cabby GM or Black Epi Speedy 30?

  1. Which one would you choose??? Thanks
  2. of course BLACK CABBY GM!!!
  3. Depends on what you will use it for. Black epi speedy could go to work-- not sure if the Cabby could.

    Personally, I would choose the Cabby, but not to use at work.
  4. I would go with the Cabby also.
  5. easy, neo cabby
  6. Cabby GM!
  7. cabby! no doubt :biggrin:
  8. Black epi speedy (leather vs denim) for me
  9. Cabby GM for me.... as I can use it more often casually... I think if I will purchase an Epi Speedy, I will go with the Vibrant Red or Purple colour...they are beautiful... But Black is a never wrong bag!
  10. WOW - great choices!! I really am torn....

    If you want a classy bag, get the Speedy
    If you want a fun bag, get the Denim.

    Overall, my vote is for Speedy. I LOVE the Black Epi with the silver hardware. Good Luck!!
  11. black epi...
  12. Two totally diffrent styles !! I'm not a fan of the denim line.. but the black denim is lovely.. but I prefer the black epi speedy since its leather.
  13. Do you want to use it when you dress casually or for work? The cabby is so much more casual...
  14. Epi!! :biggrin:
  15. Cabby...just so lovely