blk courtney

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  1. Hi everyone,

    my bf got me a blk courtney multicolor on valentines day.. while i was looking at it, i found a tiny glue spot on the handle!! oh NO!! i tried to rub it off but its still there.. im very picky when it comes to purses.. is it embarrassing to go back to the store to ask for an exchange cuz its a tiny spot?? what should i do??
  2. Nope. I would take it back and exchange. it's just going to haunt you.
  3. Did you say it is tiny? I am sure if you looked at every single bag in the boutique you would find a tiny flaw.

    I personally wouldn't exchange it.

    But of course, it is your call.
  4. If you are not 100000% happy you should exchange it. At least go to the store and look at another black courtney to see if it has the same thing then you can exchange it (or not) after comparing.
  5. If this is something that you notice then I would take it back as long as you haven't used the bag, they should exchange it no problems. I love the black courtney....I have the mm and LOVE this bag!!!!
  6. If it is going to bother you exchange it!
  7. If it's going to bother you, I'd take it back an exchange it!

    Congrats on your new Courtney!
  8. Take it back, do not pass go, do not collect $200!! I would take it back, as to see ALL the Courtney blacks they have in stock, pick the one that is perfect and maybe you can compare the colors that are more dominant on a few that you would like better. I always try to find the black MC bags that have the most pinks and purples! Good luck!
  9. i would take it back and choose more pinks and purples too! :smile:
  10. iTA:tup:
  11. this is such a stunning bag...if you haven't used it yet go take it back for a perfect one. For $2500 the bag should be flawless IMO. Good luck! Please show us modeling pics when you get a chance :graucho:
  12. I would absolutely take it back and at least look at another one! It's an expensive bag, and if you haven't used it yet you should definitely get one that you think is flawless! You have a very sweet BF, Congrats on your new Courtney!

  13. Take it back and get a different one....