blk and Red Basketweave I AM HOOKED NOW WHAT??

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  1. Ok, so I got my first bag today. Now I want more. I hear all this about the Blk Basket and Red basket morning after mini. They are sold out everyone says. What should I do? Should I get the black? I am going nuts ladies. Have you ever felt this? It's like I need to buy it. And if there is a discount......good golly miss molly. What do I do???:yahoo:
  2. Buy them ALL!!!!
  3. :yahoo:I wish I could buy them all. But I cannot. :hysteric:What do I do? What is the process? I dont have a black classic bag. But red is sooo :love:. Someone tell me the process? What do i do? How do I get in?
  4. ^LOL Alistar. I know exactly how you feel... The Red Basketweave comes out on April 25th. And I believe the black basketweave is available for pre-order at There's also a special 20% discount with that (I can't find the code right now, but you could probably find it in the discount threads). It won't ship until June 15 though...
  5. ^^just what DEE said!

    Red with Red basketweave bag isn't out yet ;)
  6. So I go to, look for the code, buy it, and thats it!! Then I wait. This is crazy.
  7. I dont see the red on the site, only the black
  8. Hi Ali, the red one won't be out until another couple of weeks... It's coming though...

  9. They don't charge your card til its shipped in June, so if you got both for 20% off thats like 425 each I'd totally do it. And you have time to save up money!!
  10. Okay!! I guess the worse that could happen is i dont like one, and I could return it:P
  11. That's what I did - for the black basketweave - so now I've got time to come up with the money since it won't be here until June - and even better, FLL says this is the original RM cut with tassels and the blue zipper... this bag is so beautiful!!!
  12. Thanks Deeliciouz. I dont know what to do? :confused1:
  13. Ooo there's no returns. I guess if I dont like it ...UGH, I guess I could always sell it. Oh boy.. I think I am just going to do it. Fudge it!
  14. ALi- the red basketweave comes out in about 3 weeks! Since the ones on FLL won't be available till June anyways- maybe you can wait and compare the ones you like?
  15. Desi, but what if they dont have the black one later on ?