1. So I wore my new shoes, and as always, I got blisters. I get them in different places for each pair of shoes.:crybaby:
    I was wondering how do you roughen up the skin so as not get them anymore. Should I wear them again in about a week after the blister has healed or is it once you get blisters, the shoes will always give you blisters?Any advice?
  2. I have this problem quite a bit too, i usally just wear bandaids on my heels until they are broken in (i don't get them anywhere else)
  3. Apparently rubbing alcohol helps toughen up the skin. My other half is ex-forces and he said they all used it as the boots they get are so tough.

    Also try using Compeed on the areas affected rather than band-aids as they stick better, are invisible and act as a second skin
  4. [​IMG]
    I don't know about toughening up skin and I haven't personally tried out this product but it looks like a good find for those that want to prevent blisters and I plan to purchase it sometime in the near future to try it out.

    excerpt from SheFinds:
    "All my friends know that my shoe collection is massive and that I’ll stop at nothing to wear my most towering heels regardless of the occasion. The bad part is, they also know that I’m notorious for complaining about how uncomfortable I am as soon as my feet start to blister. Thanks to my lovely genes, that usually happens within the first half hour of wearing anything (flats included).

    Enter Band-Aid Active Flex Blister Block Stick[​IMG]. For the first time ever, I’m able to wear even my cutest shoes—no matter how new, tall or painful they might be—without an ounce of pain. Give me heat, give me friction, give me four-inch stilettos and a day of shopping on Fifth Avenue, and I’m still complaint-free. I never leave home without this pocket-sized stick. Swipe it on at a moment’s notice for instant satisfaction. Never slippery, it simply creates a barrier of protection between the potential blister and the shoe so you can walk, dance and flit your way through spring and summer pain-free."
  5. I used the blister block product this weekend while touring DC and still came up with a blister. I'm not sure if I didn't put on enough of the product or did way too much walking. Either way, a regular band aid always works for me.

  6. Compeed?????? Hummmm? Do they sell this in the states?? Anyone?
  7. I'm not sure they do as I send them to my pal in NJ.

    Otherwise see if will ship to the US
  8. If you don't yet have a blister, I find that duct tape works even better than band-aids. Crude, I know, but really really effective. Also best to take it off either in the shower or with baby oil. Once you have a blister starting to form, good old Band-aid blister pads work for me (I don't like the liquid stuff).

    Whatever you do, do NOT follow the example set by professional baseball players:
  9. For the back of the shoes, you might want to try those heel liners (dr Scholls preferably, or those foot petals for strappy shoes) they limit the friction that causes blisters. Also, I stretch out my shoes for the other areas.

  10. OMGOSH your Avatar is hysterical.

    Hey I tried the duct tape today (why not?? It was available and cheap). Not too bad?? I'll keep you posted but so far I like!!!!!!!!
  11. i have duct tape too, ill give it a try!