Blisters and padding

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  1. What do you ladies use for padding in your shoes when the width is just a little too wide. Also my wife tends to get blisters when she wears heels. Different

    Also in taller heels (about as tall as she wears is 3 inches) she gets pain in the ball of her foot. We have tried inserts and they help just slghtly. Anybody find something that works really well.

    Any suggestions would be well appreciated. We spent the past few weeks shoe shopping in dozens of stores. We were in Miami last weekend and ended up with 5 new pairs of heels (3 Kenneth Coles, 1 Botique 9 and one pair of CL's-pre-owned but...yea!) All of her new ones fit well but some of her older pairs are wide which is why I was asking about padding. I'm afraid she's not going to wear them if they hurt too much or cause blisters so please help!!! I'm so excited she is willing to wear heels again but want her to be as comfortable as she can.

  2. I just bought her some of this but havent used it yet. Glad to hear that it works wonders.
  3. OH yes, I also use the bandaid friction block and it has saved my life. I have had foot surgery on each of my feet and as a result of walking so poorly for such a long time I have a hammer toe. The blister block totally helps.